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   I discovered my passion for shooting pictures at the age of 17, and a year later took my first fashion photos in Japan of my fellow Models who were all anxious to build up their portfolios.  From then on I was hooked. I developed the film, printed the pictures, did the make-up and the styling. I loved it.  I was in complete control of the artistic process....then came the digital revolution.  Now, Im all about instant gratification, but I held out for as long as I could before I switched to digital.  Im happy to say I've finally embraced the digital age and I find creating images just as inspiring and as exciting as I did when I first started.  Creating this website was a challenge because each picture holds a special place for me.  But here it is......I hope they inspire you.

                                                Michelle Carmichael



          Kids & Adults 399$  
          Includes 3 looks
                   -additional looks 50$ each
                - touch ups additional
                               Tel: 626-644-9144



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